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How Can I change M.B logo?

The Captain

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Hi...my english langouge not very will  :/  ... so plz try to indrstand me... :rolleyes: 

can I change mtherboard logo (e.g:"intel","msi","Mercury") !!  :)

This will be determined by your motherboard manufacture. I have an ASUS and I can change add or turn it off if I want.

What is the maker of your MB?

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Thanks for reply...

I've tow  comuter... Intel845 & MSI... I can turn the logo off if I want...but I don't know how can I change it !!!

towed your computer ? lol

anyway, the only way to change it is to flash your bios with a modified bios that has ur image instead of the mfg one, try search on google.

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:) I have the Same problem but mines a Gay Packard bell thing dat comes up when soo as i boot up the PC but nm i getting a Nu motherboard and processor 2day :D

Hey mines a Packard Bell one nought wrong with them! :rolleyes:

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He isn't asking about disabling or enabling that logo, but that he can change it. Yes you can try to search a cd that which is added to your motherboard, there should be program to change the logo or download it from your manufacturer website. Somewhere on the web i saw universal program to chage logo.

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