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tffsport.sys problem


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Hi every one I have problem with my windows 2000 nlited installation

During windows 2000 setup (in virtual pc 2004) when it shows "setup is loading the files ..."

it says "The entry tffsport.sys in the[sourcedisksfiles] section of the INF file is missing or corrpted. Setup could not be continued"

In full installation it doesn't show any error. Could you tell me which component i had removed which is causing this error.

Please Help

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Sorry to necro an old post but there is definitely a bug in nLite that's causing the textmode portion of install to fail on Windows 2000 that still exists in the latest 1.3 release.

I have a stock install created from an original Windows 2000 Professional SP4 OEM disc with a number of components removed and a number of tweaks checked that's causing an issue with this file. I recreated my disc, manually with new source / settings twice and it was reproduced. I tested in a virtualizer so it's not a media issue.

I also attempted to manually inject the tffsport.sys file back into my WinLite.iso but that has no effect - install still gives the error.

Since it seems counterproductive to try to isolate what's causing this as I'd spend more time trying to fix the problem than I would have saved nliting my install, I thought I'd post here in case anyone cared to know, or if someone googled this in the future (like I did).

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