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Winpe 2.0


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I have a few questions that I hope you can help me with. I would like to deploy W2K3SP1 using Winpe 2.0.

Network drivers for NC373i and HP DL380G5, do I have to look for Vista drivers? Do Winpe 2.0 recognize W2K3 drivers?

I have tried using the drivers for W2k3 but it doesn´t work.

Or is Vista the only operating system that is supported to deploy using Winpe 2.0.

Hope you can help me.

Regards B

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@ bjorne78

Are you using the HP Scripting toolkit ie conrep and the acu?

I have not be able to get this running yet as winpe 2 can not install the sysmgmt service required for HP tools.

I be intrested if you have any input on this matter?

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I have confirmation directly from HP that their tools do not work under Vista and they do not have plans to make a release until server 2007 is out. I can quote the rep I talked to as saying 'since Vista is a client OS they don't have anything on the roadmap for making their tools work with the Vista OS'.

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