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connecting comps on 2 routers


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well i rly hope there is a solution to this

my setup:

modem->vonage router->wireless router

................... im here...........comp2 here..

the problem is, how would i go about connecting comp2 to comp1 via my routers. i need it for file sharing, printer sharing, streming video/music. and i dont want to be forced to use some online program to create a vpn. and there is no way that i will put my comp to the wireless router, there are many reasons for this that i wont list.

edit: just remembered my mobo has 2 ethernet ports.. lol

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well now i have a problem, i have my comp hooked up to both the vonage and wireless routers, but what do i do if i only want internet access from my vonage router, and i just want to use lan only for the wireless router?

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