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Refresh drive list after drvload of raid drver


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if anybody know, how refresh drive list when I have loaded online raid driver using drvload command ?

When I use pure winpe 2.0 and install in example ICH7R driver on Intel 945 motherboard with 2 disks in mirror using drvload, driver is successfully loaded but when I run diskpart and type "lis dis" I still see only my usb flash drive with raid driver.

When I use Vista dvd install disk, when setup is starting I can invoke winpe 2.0 command prompt by SHIFT + F10, install the same driver by drvload and use REFRESH gui command from partitionig setup screen of Vista installation and then I can see logical raid drive created on intel raid.

So , how rescan mass storage devices after loading raid/scsi/sata drivers by drvload in pure winpe 2.0 without using gui of Vista setup (setup.exe command)? I need simple winpe command or simple script for it. Thanks for help in this case .

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