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X2K project status


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sorry for not being online for half years, this is basically i lose my job as operator on internet caffe so i didn't have free access to internet (and internet bill are very high in my country), there some people asking me about X2K, and today i want to clarify (before my exam begin)

Q: just wanted to know i the X2K project is dead? where can i find the old files?

A: this is my answer

sorry to said this but the answer is "maybe" YES, i still busy with my college as i was in final grade and ready to take final exam and i didn't have enough time to open up X2K project anymore, i still heavily programmed a program with Delphi and web apps with wap.

for the files you can get from some of beta tester like squeeto (sorry for miss typo) or his new project based on "our" works

really if i want to bring back this project alive "again", i will try to mimic vista style as many vista icon has available on net at this time

i will try my best on X2K if that project can alive once again

sorry cause i didn't have much time to that project and sorry to make all you sad with X2K project

maybe X2K just only a joke for now, as new project has rise to subtitute this project

thanks for all X2K supporter, beta tester, xpize, and other people that have interested in making enhancement for windows 2000

i'm glad to hear there still some team to make a new project to continue X2K

best regards and many sorry,


PS: for beta tester you can use everything on the old pack, as it based on XPize stuff and you can share it if you want

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Hi Dels, glad to hear from you again. I'm sorry to hear you lost your job, and I know what you mean about internet costs, they're high here too :P

Anyway, glad to hear your letting people download the project freely now. Hopefully you can get some free time to work on it again.

Cheers :hello:

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I use WinXP Pro and Win2K Pro and think having the skills and ability for good designing for Win2000.

Maybe i need some support of others for doing it - so if some can give me needed resources tell it here or PM me.

At last X-Mas day i created with TuneUp Styler a simple Iconpack for Win2000 - it can be found at http://www.christiankuhlmann.de/tools

Any suggestions and Tips for me write either in english in the XPize forum (of not write me and tell then where) or in german in the board and forum i cite in my signature (german-nlite)

Greetings from Germany,


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