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[RELEASE] Boooggy's WMP 11 direct integration solution


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version 0.991 out

1. New Windows XP/Server 2003 x64 wmp.inf

2. Fix for the repeated key error message.

3. Ignore repeated keys while reading update.inf [strings] section

4. Fixed an issue with the ArgumentParser that caused parameterless command line switchess to not work and environment variables were not being substituted

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hard to search on microsft.....



Sorry to upset you, but I found that one already: It does not seem to be an update for WMP11 but instead for WinXP.

-The filename of that update is "WindowsXP-KB941569-x86-ENU.EXE"

I was confused to find: "WindowsMedia11-KB941569-x64-ENU.exe" for x64

-but not: "WindowsMedia11-KB941569-x86-ENU.exe" for x86

There are similar issues with filenames for updates to WinXP and IE7 and it does matter so I became a little cautious.

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Yes, this is because of MS changing up hotfix structure, they released this hotfix as a "Security Update" for Windows XP type. However internally it uses conditional inf extensions to search for wmasf.dll file versions and apply the correct version of the hotfix to Windows.

WMP11Slipstreamer can handle this fix correctly (I specifically wrote a parser that reads and executes these commands and applies the correct version of the hotfix to the source).

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I see on the hotfix list, "KB941569". The link goes to Microsoft but there is no way to download it. I found another link here,


Might want to update the link. ;)

I see this is mentioned above. How did you guys know that this hotfix labeled as for XP was also for WMP 11?

Edited by Mike89
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How did you guys know that this hotfix labeled as for XP was also for WMP 11?

if u go to the KB article u will see it is specified that this fix is only for wmp (all versions). and another prove is that u unpack it inside the the fix there are files specific for all versions of wmp.

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thanx for yor pm. i tested installing that ruckus player...downloaded songs and they were working nice played in ruckus player.

then i closed it and played the songs in wmp11 integrated with wmp 11 slipstreamer. alll were good.

only one little thing.......downloads werent working in IE6 ....so i had to install IE7.....

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I'm trying to slipstream MP11 to Windows XP using the latest slipsteamer (this is the first time I use it) and both for English and Czech version I receive always this error:

WMP11Slipstreamer v0.991
Detected source: Windows™ XP Professional SP2


System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Soubor E:\WXPCS-MP11\i386\wmp11temp\Fixes\WM11\PortableDeviceWMDRM.dll nebyl nalezen.
Název souboru: E:\WXPCS-MP11\i386\wmp11temp\Fixes\WM11\PortableDeviceWMDRM.dll
v System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath)
v System.IO.FileInfo.get_Length()
v Epsilon.Win32.PeEditor..ctor(String pathToPe)
v WMP11Slipstreamer.Backend.standardHotfixApply(String fixesFolder, Dictionary`2 hotfixFileDictionary)
v WMP11Slipstreamer.Backend.ApplyFixes()
v WMP11Slipstreamer.MainGUI.workerMethod(Object addonSettings)

Deleting "E:\WXPCS-MP11\i386\wmp11temp"... Done!

The source being modified has not been damaged.
All changes have been successfully reverted.

Any idea what may be wrong?



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please try only the hotfixes linked on my site.......

908536 will not work integrated with slipstreamer.

u should use nlite to integrate it after u use slipstreamer.


tested and without 908536 all works perfect

Edited by boooggy
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