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USB Problem


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Did you try reinstalling the driver/software?

i don't think PSPs need drivers they are just recognised as a mass storage device and use the windows generic driver, like my iPod and friends PSP

have you installed any software recently that might install drivers (printers, cameras etc.)?

have you tried going into Device Manager and choosing the psp aka unknown usb device and finding the reinstall driver button and clicking it, following the steps? it might get windows back to using the generic driver

if worst comes to worst you can always buy a $5-$10 memory stick pro media card reader and use that

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Is your PSP in USB mode?

If it is on, then maybe you should delete your USB controller and reinstall it. And failing them both you could use tweakUI and simply add the drive to your computer manually.

Hope some of that helps.


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Well i have 2 ideas it might be the usb cord i use to connect my psp to my computer or a solution is the dreaded system restore :wacko: which i wouldn't mind doing but it'll probably be my last resort.

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