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[help] USB devices for non-admins


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I am trying to prevent over 100 laptop users from being Admins on the laptops but the USB devices are becoming a show stopper. I found a tool on Novell's website,

This tool works great and allows the USB device to function however the user's still receive the Windows Found New Hardware dialog box along with a login box for an Admin to log into. If the user clicks Cancel they receive a message that they don't have rights to use this device. After they clear out of these messages they can utilize the USB device until they restart. Is there a way to remove these messages so that they can use the device and not recieve these non-admin messages? Once an Admin logs in and the device is recognized under an Admin user they never receive the message again until a new device is plugged in. I have searched for two weeks and cannot find a solution but I hate to have to make them Admins on the laptop. Any other suggestions or ways to remove these messages that Windows presents?

The notebooks are HP nc6400 running Windows XP sp2 in an Active Directory domain. I looked through some Group Policy settings but still cannot find a resolution to my problem. Like I stated above, the device works using the script on Novell's website but the user still receives an annoying message which is not something management will accept. I mentioned the security aspect but still no use. If I cannot make it so user's can install and use USB devices without receive any messages I may have to make them Admins.

What are others doing to prevent making user's Admin on their PCs?

Any suggestions, solutions or comments would be greatly appreciated.


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Interesting... I'm an admin over a 800 user network and my users have no problem using jump drives. And let me tell you AD is locking them down beyond belief. They have no admin or power user rights what so ever. I personally have not seen this box you speak of which requires an admin logon to install the new deive. Let me read up on it and see if I can find a reason...

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Here is a screenshot of the two messages I receive. When I plug in the device and it is recognized and then when I click Cancel I receive the second one about not having permission. All the USB devices work I just would like to prevent these messages from appearing for the user. I also checked my local security policy and Admins, Power Users and Users have rights to load and unload device drivers so I cannot figure out why Windows has to display this messages.

Any other comments or suggestions?



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Well, actually, though I never had the occasion of using it, I had found that novell link a while ago, while trying to help another member here:


But, at least from what is on the Novell site, this has been designed for Mass Storage Devices, while you seem like applying it to HID Devices (Mouse).

So maybe something needs to be changed in source regarding references to "classes" of hardware devices.


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