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XP PRO with Tablet/MCE05/Server 2003R2 Features


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Is it posible to install Windows XP PRO SP2, then add;

MCE 2005 Features

Tablet 2005 Features

Server 2003 Features

I know you can install MCE05 & Tablet05 Features, but what about Windows Server 2003 R2

If it is possible to put install Windows Server 2003 R2 features, what features would this be, I have no experience with server yet, but would like to

If this is all possible how would I slipstrem this :wacko:

Also I would like to know how you slipstream programs, I know how to do it, but I would to know how you customize programes like when you install things, if you know what I mean, like where you want it to install, if you want desktop icons, if you want a basic or full setup, how do you do this, on the forum alI found out is just how you can slipstream it without chooseing things you do when you normally install it on windows.

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well teoreticly you can install server 03 on top of xp by installing in the same partition without reformatting. The only thing about the way to do it is that there could be some problems with conflicting system files.

Also what do you mean when you say the feachers of tablet and MCE do you mean things like the apps that only come with them(or the drivers like tablet support on notepad) or do you mean the whole system with all it's feachers)

and why would you want to do this all this may be sulved with some more simple solution(like just putting server 03 on a different partition of your HDD)

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I am just going off of general knolage on windows

What I say is that since all version of win are based on the same base it seems that it would be logicical that you would be able to take the feachers in any version of windows research dependincys (say this registry key needs this dll/service etc...) and then rust inport the keys and values and or dll and such and do what you did with winCE

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What is mean, is ther any features worth while in windows server 2003 r2 that could be install in windows xp, i dont know what features there are because I have never used it before.

Not unless you want to run a server, i suppose...

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