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I have a decent collection of freeware applications that I use for maintenance on other computers. At the moment they are all in sub subfolders by category. This is fine for when I use it, but non tech savvy relatives and clients would have a difficult time knowing what to install and what it actually does.

What would be optimal for this program to do is create an autorun menu that lists the programs by category as a header, then have the programs under that, then have a small description when you hover over it with the mouse. That last part is optional but might help to distinguish programs that do the same thing but have small variances between them. It would then run the designated executable file.

Is there some program that would help me do this, or would HTML be a better option if no program exists?

Thanks -Dan.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I think I downloaded WPI at one point but never tried it because I thought it was for unattended windows cd's, so I'll further investigate that and also take a look at auto play media studio. Sure a text file would be fine, but I wanted something a little more "professional" looking.

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