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Media Center video-problems [SOLVED]


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Hi there!

I've got a big problem with MCE...

My Specs:

Celeron 2Ghz

nVIDIA TNT2 RIVA 64MB (I think)

Hauppage HVR-1300 MCE Kit



I can get everything to work, the sound, the remot controller, the monitor (which is a TV) and MCE overall. But as soon as I try to view video or TV, I get sound but no video.

The screen flickers between black and MCE-blue with the audio running in the background. Bear in mind though, that I can actually change channels etc.

It totally locks up... I have to CTRL+ALT+DEL out myself and then back in to come back to the menu itself...

And the funny thing is that I DON'T get any "incompatible driver" message inside MCE.

What have I tried?:

I have tried PowerDVD 6 CLJ Deluxe edition, nVIDIA PureVideo and XP Codec Pack's decoders and none of them give any kind of different result.

I have checked the Windows Decoder Checkup and it tells me that the decoders are OK (except XP Codec Pack).

Consclusions (this is only what I think, if you know better disregard this!):

It's probably not a TV card problem, because it's certified for MCE and is a MCE-kit...

And it's not a codec or decoder problem, because they are working.

So it ultimately must be either a problem with Media Center itself, a graphic card driver problem, or an internal hardware problem (to make this computer I use parts from other computers).


If someone could point me in the right direction with this issue I'd be very grateful.

If you need any more info just post here and I'll be pleased to add it.

Thanks alot in advance,


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