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Greetings, this probably my first post and would like to need some help.

Have a group of applications that I want to install by creating an app with some gui interface(HTML possible) that allows me to list a group of apps and check which apps to install. This is for post installation.

Better explaination I have a group of people who's job is to install the software but they are clueless about finding the software on DFS so I will give them an app to open and just click which software to install and click "INSTALL". The app does not have to be secure.

Just need a simple app and that it. Remember the people are clueless and can not think for themselves.


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Looked at both apps, and the manager of the service desk said that it is TOO COMPLICATED for the tech to user. She wants a icon on the desktop to point to a page that has checkboxes of the apps and a submit button.

Assume the user is logged into with rights to install any software.

Also she wants it to be accessable from any pc in the network. (sounds more like a webpage)

:wacko: I have to keep remembering - "managers are my friends, not morons"

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