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SATA & GeForce Go drivers question !


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Just received new laptop from Dell and I have two questions about drivers, although wasn't sure if this is correct section of the forum, but I hope somebody could answer them or help a little bit. I've got custom build Inspiron E1705 and Windows MCE 2005. Problem is that computer came with so much crap (apps that I wont use) preinstalled that I decided to do it my way and get there clean XP pro that was lightened with nLite. I've searched manufacturers websites for latest packs and almost found all of them except couple of things that still bugs me a lot.First of all I'm not sure about Nvidia drivers, pc have GeForce Go 7900 GS GPU at NV website latest drivers for that type of card are Version: 84.63 but for the regular GeForce cards latest release is Version: 93.71, which ones I should choose... those specified for Go series right ? Next thing are HDD drivers which is hard to get them(or they do not exist ?). Everything runs @ Hitachi SATA Travelstar 7K100 Hitachi's website statement says that XP already has drivers built in but later I can find FAQ article that says

Windows XP and Windows 2000 do not natively include drivers for SATA controllers (add-in or on-board); so, you must install them during the installation of the operating system. The system, motherboard, or controller manufacturer supplies these drivers and they are typically included on a driver CD or downloadable from their web site.

So if I will grab and integrate chipset drivers via nLite for my Mobile Intel® 945PM Express that should solve the SATA problem ?

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