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Which Is Better XP x64 or 2003 x64


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ive been having problems with XP Pro x64 and just recently ive been having problems creating a stable XP 64 unattended cd, when i go into manage my computer local users and group always has a red X over it and when i go to defrag something using diskeeper it will stop after about 30 seconds and says that it cant continue because a snapshot of the drive is being taken (by idk what :unsure: ) i know that XP 64 is built off of 2003 server, but which is better (stability/compatibility wise)? ive heard people say that development of XP 64 was pretty much halted half way so more people could work on Vista.

so i ask you, whats your choice of 64 bit OSes?

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Well... with 64-bit Windowses it is just about the same which one you use, as both have same exact core. With 32-bit it is another issue, 2k3 has newer core etc.

I personally like to use 2k3 as workstation as I do like it's approach to disable anything by default that is not needed compared to XPs enable by default in case user ever needs it...

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