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Unattened Install of UPNP


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What specifically are you referring to when you say UPNP?

The services to be able to monitor your router and setup port forwards via UPNP are installed by default even on retail CD's.

Is there some component under your NIC properties that you want installed?

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yes I want UPnP installed to monitor my Router

I have to go into add and remove programs \windows components\network services to install UPnP each time I install xp

how come yours is installed by default I am using XP pro Corp

thanks for reply


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I suppose Upnp is a part of sysoc.inf.

I use this batch and file for installing/uninstalling some components:

2 files

- component.txt

- component.cmd


[Components]Calc = Off

Freecell = On

Hearts = On

Indexsrv_system = Off

Minesweeper = On

Msnexplr = Off

Msmsgs = Off

Pinball = On

Solitaire = On

Spider = On

WMAccess = Off

Zonegames = Off

Beacon = On

Upnp = On

Off: uninstall

On: install

Upnp in red :)

Beware ! It works for me however I'm not shure at all !

Anyone know the name of Upnp component in sysoc ? I'm not shure exactly (beacon or upnp or both or anything else ?)


SET load=%systemdrive%\install
sysocmgr /i:%windir%/inf/sysoc.inf /u:%load%\component.txt

I put these 2 file on mu UACD in OEM dir:



So this 2 files will be automatically send to %systemdrive%\install during xp install.


simply add something like this:

REG ADD %KEY%\010 /VE /D "Suppressing/Adding Windows Components" /f
REG ADD %KEY%\010 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\Install\component.cmd" /f

It'll execute component.cmd during first logon as usual, blabla...

We should just find the name of Upnp components, and it's fine ^^


"Beacon = On"

"Upnp = On"

In registry I can see that both of this 2 entries is activated (blabla_key=1)

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup\Oc Manager\Subcomponents

beacon: 1

upnp: 1

So I Suppose both of them should be executed by sysocmgr for installing Upnp components !

But I'm not shure at all, but it works for me lol

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