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What's your internet connection like?


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If only we had fast internet like the Japanese: 66mbps!
In Sweden 100Mbit Fibre-LAN is widely available to those in apartments (unfortunately I'm not one of them right now, but have been). Most of the time you won't even be close to those speeds since the servers etc are the limiting factors. Uploading was often faster than downloading.

I've read somewhere that some Asians, I don't know where (probably in Japan or S.Korea), have even faster connections...

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I think it's whacked. I know I can't upload at over 100kb/s over dialup.

Oh, and by the way, it's not my choice to use AOL :ph34r:

Dial-up! That isn't the right reading then!

You're supposed to max out at 56 kbps and then the typical is 40 kbps to 45 kbps!

Also, with POTS, the upload reading probably will always be wrong, for me, it usually reported at least around 200 kbps!

But, the days of POTS are over for me, back in May, I gotten ADSL.

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This is mine :


Thats till I get my new modem Which will be 8 MB/S with Power boost which will bring it up to around 25 MB/S

IMO, you're lucky to get 10 Mbps with Comcast. VTel, which is in Springfield is supposed to be the fastest!

With VTel, I'm taking about 24 Mbps! VTel in the worst case scenario should be at least the same as Comcast for less.

The uploads are usually at least 512 kbps.

Also, with Comcast, expect the uploads to be capped to 384 kbps, unless you get the expensive package, which is expected to be in the neighborhood of $100 per month!

-------------------------------NEWS FLASH-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The sad news is that there has been a major slowdown with my VTel DSL connection, lately, at least since October, it has been pokey Joe, at only 1.0 Mbps to 1.5 Mbps for the download and around 384 kbps for the upload and sometimes not more than 200 kbps!

I tried to get my ADSL modem replaced and I already gotten another Ethernet cable.

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