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'View Workgroup Computers' not Working!


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When I setup PC's in an office without a server, I always set each machine to 'Workgroup' under Workgroup name and enable File & Print Sharing. Normally, I click on 'My Network Places' from the desktop and then click 'View Workgroup Computers' on the right pane. This should show me a list of all the computers in the workgroup by their name. However in one office, this no longer works on ANY machine! Instead it gives an error message saying something about "You don't have permissions to..... Contact a system administrator.."

I can however manually add shared folder or printer by manually adding a network place and putting in the \\computername\sharedfolder. I can then access that shared folder. Why wont it let me browse all the computers in the workgroup without having to know each computers exact name and shared folder name??

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Did you remove anything from the OS using software like nLite?

Does an Active Directory domain exist in the network?

What permissions do you have on those machines?

When were the machines last rebooted?

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