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What kind of RAM do i hav? lol


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Thanks bon that'll help.

and my laptop is a.. i dont kno its a year old and cost $1200 starting (scary to think specs on my laptop would cost around $600 now ). but im stuck at 1gig max...i woudl rly like 2 gigs just to run smoother and everyhting but w/e.

Is there any other way to speed upa laptop? I mean nothing TOO extensive and i heard overclocking is bad for laptops cuz no enough cooling (plus i dont wnat to risk it on my laptop i need this to last thru college! lol). so is ther anythign i can do to speed it up besides RAM? im getting RAM sometime this weekend.

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You're right about overclocking laptops, very bad idea.....

If you're after extra speed you could disable all the XP eye-candy and revert to the original windows theme. There's loads of info around these forums about how to squeeze some extra juice out of your machine. The extra ram will really help though and is the easiest way to improve performance. Also try to remove a few unnecessary programs that start up automatically. Basic stuff I know but every little helps.

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1gig? ****! i wish i could upgrade to 1gig. im limited to 384mb :blushing: (thats what i get for a 7 year old laptop eh? :P)

1gb should be enough for windows xp (im assuming thats what you have) my 384mb is enough for it to run smoothly on my PII 366. it runs a little slow, but its speedy enough for what i do.

if your having trouble on 256 - 512mb ram, im thinking ram isnt the issue, i would say you need a reload perhaps.

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