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[help]Hard Disk Drive Restriction


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First of all, MS did released a toy labelled "Microsoft Private Folder" or something like. It allow you to set a password protection to any folder. (but i guess this protection is not very strong)

Then, you can use NTFS built-in security permissions (ACLs). You need either XP Pro, or XP Home in safe mode to access these settings : right-click on a folder you own, select properties and in the "Security" tab you can adjust who is allowed or not to read, view, etc, any file.

You have two boxes, the top one list all users/groups that have some access granted or denied, and the bottom list are the actual permissions.

If you want to deny anyone to access a file except you, you just have to remove anyone except you from the top list, then add the built-in group "Everyone" in the top box and deny this group all accesses.

This would work if you are the owner of the file/folder, something you can manage in the advanded box, which also holds inheritance settings useful when you manage a folder.

Take also note that an administrator will always be able to take ownership of your file/folder and modify the permissions you set.


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thanks for the reply,

Others then Microsoft Private Folder; I know that is a way to restricted all user to access x: Drive,

May be registry may do it

I know that a cyber cafe control management software can do so... it can use the management server set the security to the client.


i am looking the way like the management software to set the restriction of accessing x: Drive


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Does the gpedit.msc exist in windows xp home edition?

No, only Professional. However, you can still make the same changes. Enabling something in the Group Policy Editor is just carrying over to the registry. I'll try to find it sometime tomorrow if someone hasn't already done so by then.

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This is no more than a graphical restriction (same as TweakUI) : you will still be able to access the drive simply by typing its driveletter (in the explorer address bar, is the run box, in the open/save dialogs, in the command line box, etc...)

And even if the computer has no keyboard, there's still copy/pasting... :yes:

Avoid this trick, it's outdated (as old as win95)


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