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can anyone boot PE2.0 from HDD?


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The M$ OPK winpe.chm(Sep.2006) says it can, in "Customizing WinPE"->"WinPE walkthroughs"->"walk through: boot PE from hard disk".

but I failed, following its instructions. and especially,

bcdedit reports error message: cannot open system store,

and I use bcdedit /store to explicitly specify it to work around, but

when finished, it still cannot boot, report some errors like "C000000F, winload.exe missing or corrupt".

any ideas? thanks in advance.

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copy all the files in the System32\Boot folder to the root of System32. This is a known bug that was reported to Microsoft, and was supposed to be fixed for the RTM release, but wasn't.


I use this command in my build script

xcopy "%source%\mount\Windows\System32\Boot\*.*" %source%\mount\Windows\System32\*.* /e /y

This should fix your winload.exe error

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