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Jaqie Fox

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Hey, all. I joined here because of nLite, but this seems a great place for a windows techie to get and give info, so I'll give it a try.

Just a note to everyone that reads this (or any other of my posts) I have a very abrasive additude at times... because of a couple medical conditions I tend to go off without even knowing it. For the curious, one is a hormone disorder, and the other is either a thyroid problem, borderline diabetes, or hypoglycemia - the bloodwork will be done to find out in a few months but the Doc says I definitely have one of them. Please be patient with me.

Anyways, I have been a PC/windows tech for about 16 years now, I am just about to turn 30. :wacko: but I am still in the scene somewhat. I am a PC hardware nut (err enthusiast) and a bit of a tomboy. I slowly got to the point where I couldn't work anymore because of physical problems, so I just sit at home all the time. God, do I miss being a tech. Anyways, that's about me.

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