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Bad sectors or overclock mess?


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I had some start-up issues today and I ran chkdsk and there are bad sectors now.

I have the drive split in 3 partitions.

Would the bad sectors go away after a format on that partition or are they there to stay?

I checked the other partitions and they are ok.

What do you figure, toast?

Would overclocking my videocard with ati tool do this?

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overclocking a vidcard would not do that, but overclocking anything else could. Your bad sectors are here to stay until you do a "write zeros to drive". the easiest way to do that is with a free utility called DBAN. Please be aware that a write zeros erases *EVERYTHING* on the drive.

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Ya I did that before I installed Vista.

I guess the drive is on its way out.

I had some suspicion from this when I first brought it home, used.

I used pc wizzard to show the smart info and it has some bad errors.

I have 3 of the same drives, the best one has 98se and 4 other partions of "everything" that I refuse to give up on, yet.

Drive 1


Drive 2


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