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Hi Nuhi,

Never posted here! Suggestion list from all the posts would be enormous to finish ever.

My 2 humble requests:

ability to rename administrator account in unattended

disable winsat test on first boot after installation

All the best,


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Please add the option to customize the location of %PROGRAMFILES%.

Edit: Nuhi, I have added you to my will, please see the following excerpt:

"To Nuhi, I bequeath the hefty sum of 3 pence..because he is a swell lad and for all his good efforts with vLite."

Now, in doing so, I realize that you could hire an assassin for 1 pence to eliminate my poor soul post-haste from this cruel world (and thereby quicken the distribution to you of your newfound wealth). But then you would have to pay a homeless person 1 pence to pay another homeless person 1 pence to try and eradicate the assassin (thereby creating plausible deniability to the original murder plot crime via the one degree of separation buffer), and then you would be back where you started from - and no pence richer - so, by my logic..I am safe! But, I won't be inviting you over for tea and crumpets (and giving you my address in the process) until I am good and ready to die, capiche?!

Aherm.. All that aside, you would make an old man (with too much time on his hands, obviously) really happy if you would add this feature.


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Fix "Wallpapers", as it takes 83M, has a "Caution!" and can cause crashes at first login.

By "Fix", I mean that when checking the box, instead of just removing the wallpapers, replace them with blank ones, so that you still save all the space (except for a few 100k maybe) and you avoid crashes.

Thanks for reading!

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Personal folders and Recovery options

Hi, all

“vlite” is nice freeware program to customize installation of Win Vista. I suggest two additional options in this program and I will explain why:

1- I want option to add personal folder(s) to Win Vista DVD without installation during installation of Win Vista. These folders present backup for personal images, mp3 and others. I ask this option because I noted that size of one DVD is huge with comparison of size of Win Vista even if I use “vlite” to add drivers instead of reduction of Win Vista.

2- When I choose unattended Win Vista, I miss a nice Microsoft GUI, which displays three options: (Install now – What to know before installing Windows - Repair your computer). Sometimes, I use “Repair your computer“for recovery. I suggest additional option to enable or disable recovery options in unattended Win Vista.

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Hi Nuhi, i'm posting here first time.

My humble requests :


- Disable Thumbnail Cache, but leaving the ability to still preview thumbnails.

- Screensaver start time (eg. after 3 minutes it screensvr should start)

- Services Config : Put services to enable/disable/manual mode just like in nlite.


- Windows Card Space

- .NET Framework

- character map

- disk Cleanup

One more thing, in xp, the setup files are cab compressed, but in vista, files are in a .wim image.

is it possible to have all vista setupfiles back again cab compressed. i think this will speed up the setup process. and moreover we can place our custom files in.Maybe i'm wrong, maybe the image is highly compressed, but please can you explain this?

AND ONE LAST QUESTION NUHI (may be wrong place to ask for): Next vLite (v1.2, i guess) When?..... Just throw in a guess, say may be in 2-3 days, or 2-3 hours, to sooth my eagerness.

Thanks Nuhi, for such a Wonderful Product !!!

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