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How to update Hotfix 824105 and Data Compoment


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The following is one part of my hotfixes.cmd

ECHO install KB824105...

start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Hotfixes\WindowsXP-KB824105-x86-CHT-express.EXE /Q /M /Z

ECHO install Microsoft Data Access Components...

start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Hotfixes\Q823718_MDAC_SecurityPatch /Q:A /R:N

When I finished the installation,I connected to Windows Update.

And I found the Hotfix KB824105 and Q823718 appeared on the update list.

What's the problem with my Unattended XP CD? :)

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nothing for some unknown reason some of the hotfixes check the uninstall data to find out if they are installed. Guess waht during silent install uninstall data is not generated so it comes up as not installed. I know a small oversite on microsofts part but it is still installed.

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I found the way to patch Q823718_MDAC_SecurityPatch from other thread :)

start /wait %systemdrive%\Hotfixes\Q823718_MDAC_SecurityPatch.exe /Q /C:"dahotfix /Q /N"

so... it means that I couldn't find the way to solve the problem when installing Hotfix KB824105 during a Unattended XP installation?

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KB824105 is the opposite of a previous KB????????. KB824105 DOES put an uninstall option in the registry, even with the no uninstall switch, (listed in Control Panel - Add Remove Programs) but does not need that entry to determine it has been installed. Do you see it in Add / Remove ? Try to install it using the command line you quoted directly from the DOS prompt after you install. Does it generate an error message of some sort? I see you are not using the standard english version, ENU, but some other version, CHT. Are you sure you have the correct localized version?

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I didn't see any error message during the installation..

The hotfix file is downloaded from Windows Update

So I'm sure I have the correct localized version...

I'm using Tradional Chinese WinXP Pro.

If I manually install KB824105, I could see an uninstall option in Add Remove Programs.

Now the problem is that I use the hotfixes.cmd to install...

After reboot, KB824105 is the only one on the list of Windows Update :)

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You are also using /Q /M /Z and most of us are using /Q /N /Z but i am not sure if that is the cause.

Have you tried typing "KB824105.exe /Q /N /Z" into a command prompt and see if it installs correctly - that way you will know there is nothing wrong with the version you have.

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I use /Q /N /Z to install..

But it failed... :rolleyes:

This is the last problem I met..


I downloaded the new version KB824105 hotfix today.

The old filename is "WindowsXP-KB824105-x86-CHT-express.EXE", 226KB

And the new one is "WindowsXP-KB824105-x86-CHT.exe", 339KB

I hope it would fix the problem. :)

Thx for reply.

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