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Removing Internet Explorer Core


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Has anybody actually tried to remove the Internet Explorer Core using nLite? What exactly would happen if you did? Just curious is all since it's always said to be kept. If all else fails then I'll try it and run it in a VM

With most games and open source software, just a minor issue, can't use the help.

If you plan to remove Internet Explorer, because of it consuming resources, even when not browsing, beware of the below warning.

*Warning, don't use Commodo Personal Firewall. Because even the control panel is Internet Explorer-driven!

You will get a generic error or a crash if you attempt to use Commodo Personal Firewall. *

I did when I attempted to run Commodo Personal Firewall under Windows 2000 Pro with the FDV fileset.

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Add/Remove can be replaced with MyUninstaller.

IIRC removing the IE engine breaks adding users, but this can be done with the command line program net.exe (which is included in Windows).

Opera works fine as an alternative to Firefox.

HTML Help can be replaced with xCHM. You may need to put actxprxy.dll in the program's directory if this file is missing from windows\system32.

The shell seems a bit quicker without the IE core and 98lite claimed that the zero IE core option was fastest.


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There are a couple ways to totally remove IE core and still have functioning windows... I used to use a shell replacement called GeoShell, they totally remove IE (or allow you to and still have full functionality of a sort) but it is a very sloppy shell that focuses on having a nice basic interface and creature features... but most of the options require direct editing of the registry to change. I found myself getting very sick of regediting for the simplest of UI changes.

Someone named vorck or something made a way to completely remove it for win2k (the install files, so it never gets installed!), I think it would work with some adjustments in XP. if you google his name you should be able to find it.

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