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Configure Auot Login When Vista Boot


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If we use the default safe configure in VISTA,so we must input the account and password when we need login in system,the importantest advantage is deny unauthorization user login in and improve the system safe layer.But if you want to auto login,how can do? Here i have a method to share.

Normally we can modify Group Policy to aim it.but now i will use a software from Shellrevealed

This software not only help we auto login but also improve our system safe.Because the softeware will encrypt our account password in regist.

1.First we must download the software from Shellrevealed to our computer

2.Run command,and change the current account belong administrator

3.Autologon.exe /Set /Username:<username> - configure system auto login by username

Autologon.exe /Set /Username:<username> /Count:3 - Configure system auto login by username three times

Autologon.exe /Delete - username;disable auto login

Autologon.exe /Migrate - encrypt other account password


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if you run "control userpasswords2" from the run command, and untick "users must enter a password...", and then click apply, it will prompt you for your password, and then autologin is set :)

this worked in XP, and works in Vista just fine!

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Automatic Login to Windows XP, and Vista

Once and a while I have the need for Windows to automatically login after a reboot. For example, I have a Windows XP Media center machine, and I have a few custom cleanup and compression programs that run as desktop applications - so they don't run if the machine is rebooted while I am gone.

This is a real bummer if I am on vacation, and by the time I come back it does not have enough room to record my favorite programs.

Automatic logins are not for everyone. Using this feature in windows leaves your password in the registry un-encrypted. You need to think carefully before you do it.

To force windows to login you need to drill down to this registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

In that key there are four values that are important:

AutoAdminLogon - A string value. Yes a string value. That is set to 0 or 1. If the value is 1, then the next time windows boots it will attempt to login with the credentials provided in the values shown below.

DefaultUserName - Username used to automatically login with.

DefaultPassword - Password used to automatically login with. Careful here. This is left in the registry unencrypted and easily read by anyone with an administrator account

DefaultDomainName - The domain name used when automatically logging in. Set to the name of the current computer name if the machine is not joined to a domain.

Personally, I have gotten tired of drilling down to these registry settings every time I want to make a machine automatically login, so I had one of our programmers whip out a quick app that will do it for us.


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