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Nlite 1.21 And Windows File Protection (yet Another Thread On Wfp)


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After experimenting a bit with nLite over a year ago, I've found the biggest bug with it is still present today in 1.21. For Windows XP Pro Corp (w/ SP2), upon every driver install, (for example, plugging in a USB thumbdrive for the first time) Windows will prompt you to insert the Windows CD to replace altered system files. This shouldn't happen. This isn't a new problem either; this has been a part of nLite for a long time and there is more than one thread covering it. However, they seem to lack any current information.

1) This bug isn't happening to just me, right?

2) I haven't done extensive testing with this version of nLite yet, but it is my understanding that this bug will occur whether you completely motify the OS or hardly do anything with nLite at all. Is this correct?

3) Any word from nuhi as to when it will be fixed?

4) I don't like the idea of disabling it, but I assume this is the easiest workaround. How would I go about removing WFP using nLite itself?

5) Are there any other options? I know about the editing of that one registry entry; it doesn't work for me.

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Ok I'll review that again, haven't looked at it for a long time since it's kinda complicated to remove protection from removed files and not break kept files protection in the process. And people who used nLite in the beginnings almost all disabled SFC so I gotta adjust, at start no one minded.

Anyway have you tried pushing cancel and then yes or whatever is the right key for it to ignore that specific file until it's solved?

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I have the same problem.

It happens only when I install drivers. So it's not such a big problem for me. But it is annoying.

Have only one question:

Is it safe to turn off the WFP?

I read it's good against viruses and other evil programs.

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Zamiel, ok, I thought that No works.

shoeman, it's only good to preserve official newest dlls in case some program tries to overwrite them with older versions but anyway all installer programs do that check also so it's useless IMO. Do you think that virus maker would make it susceptible to sfc? They are sneaky...

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Is there any reason at all for keeping the WFP? :unsure:

Should everyone feel free disabling it?

Isn't XP more stable and safe with WFP running?

Everywhere you look on the web it's written that WFP is a very important feature of windows XP. :wacko:

Answers are appreciated. :)

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ever since i knew how to disable WFP i've kept it disabled, and never ever had problems with it.

and it's been years = a long time.

on the other hand though, i keep monitoring any changes occuring to my system (registry and files) with Ashampoo Unistaller Suite.

that way i know in details what exactly happens here.

that way i can also reverse any changes (including bad installations) that i find as not right.

thus, WFP is completely useless for me.

plus, of course, i can alter any system files lijke libraries myself - changing icons and bitmaps in order to customize my winxp my way.

thnx nuhi for a nice and useful option in nlite.

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same here.. sfc sucks so much. I enjoy using edited system files, and I hate being pestered by my OS when it tells me something has changed.. I changed it!

I guess it's more an option for power users.. I'd keep it if I wsas nLiting my mum's install ;)

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