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Samsung SATA DVD RW Drive causing problems prior Windows XP install


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Hi all,

I got a Samsung SH-S183A drive a few weeks ago and I had no problems with it until I decided to reformat. This is where it started to become problematic because it seems that when I don't have Windows XP installed, my DVD drive isn't fully compatible because when I boot the Windows XP disc as it'll BSOD while loading installation files prior the partitioning stage of the installation.

I decided to try my Liteon IDE DVD drive and have no problems whatsoever. I've tried both Nvidia and Silicon Image SATA chips and both of them does the same thing. The strange thing is that when I install Windows XP using my IDE drive, I can plug in my Samsung SH-S183A drive and have no such problems! :wacko:

I think I've narrowed down the problem which is that I may have to use SATA drivers for this drive but the problem is that, will I need to use separate drivers other than my RAID drivers which I've already slipstreamed in my unattended installation disc? If so which files? :wub:

When I use nLite to slipstream my RAID drivers, I assume that it also slipstreams the SATA drivers for single drivers because it loads two files therefore I don't need to slipstream any additional drivers for this SATA DVD RW drive? :blushing:

I appreciate anybody's assistance :thumbup

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