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What is the best PC/laptop on the market?


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I'll give it a try someday, but right now I have no time. i'll give it a go in the holidays. But someone will have to help me, because 1) I don't know where you get all the parts from 2) How? and how much does it cost to build a descent PC/Laptop

I think my mum had a very reliable laptop (very old, she's got a new one now), It's a Toshiba, and it has windows 95. Well, it's been like more than 10 years and it still works fine and it hardly ever crashed.

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Maybe so, but Dell's suck. Overheating, the laptops have that hidden hardware keylogger in the keyboard connector, they configure the OSes to be able to remotely control the customer's PC at any time for 'customer service'. Dells are for people born yesterday, plain and simple. If you have ever looked inside your PC, you are above Dell. :P

a Pre-configured the OS is a problem? Then reformat and set up Windows to your liking.

I got my Dell Inspiron 6000 back in February, and it's worked well for me so far. For laptops, I would recommend Dell or Lenovo.

When it comes to a desktop PC, building your own is the only way to go - honestly. It doesn't matter how old you are - it matters how careful you can be when dealing with your components. If you want a how-to, I'm sure that there are people here who would be more than happy to walk you through it. I would. ;)

If you want help in speccing out a computer, just ask. Here's another topic where a member wanted help with building his own system. In my opinion, for $650, he's got himself a pretty killer system.

Putting together a system takes a little bit of time - yes. But the biggest time spend is actually finding the parts and waiting for the order to arrive. Finding the parts - we can help with that. Once you've got them, I'd say that it'll take you about 3-4 hours to put it all together if you've never done it before. You'll want to be careful of course.

Another BIG advantage to buying parts and assembling them yourself - warranty. Almost all components come with a 3 year warranty (at least). When you buy a pre-configured system, you'll get 1 year, and then you have to pay more for extra. :no:

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I just wanted to come in and make sure to clarify: I aboslutely love IBM and would recommend them to anyone. But if the original poster really does want the "UBER" bleeding edge tech, that isn't something that IBM does.

And just as a previous poster mentioned, that's not a negative thing for IBM's laptops at all. They are indeed built to be very reliable and in doing so they don't always use the newest and fastest technology.

And as others have mentioned multiple times, building your own is probably the best thing you could do. It's a great learning experience, and there's tons of people on here who would be willing to help you out on the way. You could build exactly what you want, getting only the features you need and not having to pay for the crap that you don't.

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