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Folders missing from ISO


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Hey everbody :hello:

I just nLite'd my copy of XP x64 but noticed that not all files/folders from the source directory were included in the ISO.

Under the source directory that nLite is pointed towards are 6 folders and 5 files:

Folders: Addons, AMD64, Applications, DOCS, I386, SUPPORT


The ISO contains only 3 folders and none of the files above:

Folders Addons, AMD64, Applications

All 6 folders are unchecked in nlite... so that they should be included.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated :)


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What? It removed your i386 folder?! C'mon I tried x64 installation hundreds of times and such big flaw just isn't possible.

Are you absolutely sure that you didn't select DOCS and SUPPORT at the components page?

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