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Integration of Hotfixes


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After I made an unattended copy, I had this thought:

1 Is it better to integrate all hotfixes into XP before burning and load "everything"or

2 Use the svcpack method and have hotfixes integrated when XP is being loaded into the computer?

Any ideas?

Thanks for your comments.


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The answer to what is slipstreaming, in relation to integrating, is at the end of the first paragraph here: http://hfslip.org

The difference is that slipstreaming places the updates or hotfixes on the installation source and runs them during install of the operating system (which can take several minutes every time you want to install an operating system, not an efficient use of time).

Where Integration (which I have found is a much better and quicker way of operating) actually takes those updates/hotfixes and uses them to replace the original installation source files and you end up with an installation that is up-to-date. RVM Integrator helps you with this, it integrates those updates, essentially updating your installation source and it is so easy that even a 5 yr. old can do it. :thumbup Well, maybe. I haven't proven that yet. :whistle: B)

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