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OOBE not runing with Nlite 1.2.1 on first boot


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Nlite 1.01 changed nothing & OOBE ran fine. Also got extra fonts to remove, langages & keyboards & from what I can tell so far all the services I wanted removed actually are correct.

I wish there was something else else to blame but its clearly nlite 1.2.1 that has a bug.

It might have been the setup.exe and the way it read's the sif file but with this being the exact same setup.exe & same winnt.sif from ryans update pack 2.1.3 as used with nlite 1.2.1 that does not add up.

I still really appriciate everyones help here. & Nuhi dont ever think this community does not appriciate your work including me. Even if we complain about nlite ultimately I dont know where we would be without it and you.

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ha ha Yeah I cant wait to see vista nlite. Vista is one obese OS that needs serious nlite weight loss. 7gb and they think its going to boot as fast as xp.. ahh I say..

Anyway I hope nuhi can look at some of these small yet annoying bugs that are in this current version. OOBE, extra fonts some languages and keyboards not being removed and some services causing terminal services to disappear. Those are all the bugs I found.

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Nuhi- I do not have any services set to disable. I will try all as default. I had some trouble a while back with my battery not being installed on my laptop. So i kept the battery files in the keep files. Does the keep list really affect anything. I understand the remove having an effect. If it does I will clear this out. What kind of an effect does this have?

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It won't remove battery on it's own, if it does then maybe yours are some modified windows, oem version for laptop specific?

Anyway when files are kept it does work if nlite would have removed the specific file, if it's "just" an error of some kind the component will still fail of course.

Errors you described are not normal, it would be good to find the reason. For start default all services and clean keep/remove boxes then go from there if it works.

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