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which cd/dvd ripper?


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i spent like last 2-3 days googling for an all in one cd/dvd utility.

i'd like to make 1:1 copies/images of my audio cd's AND dvd movies with only one application (freware if possible). so, is there any such tool? right now, i have clone cd/any dvd combo, and i got the feeling that clone cd is just perfect duplicator but the disadventage is that there not freeware and i don't like them because it's TWO progs. of course i can use only clone cd without anydvd but then i wont be able to rip dvd movies.

i also tried alcohol120% but it can't rip movies.

so, any tip/help?

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thanks guys, but i was looking for all in one tool.

eac really is the top, but for extraction, and i want to make iso/bin/img/whatever image of a cd.

seems like i'll have to stick with ccd. it's the only one that i know of (besides alcohol) that can image both cd's and dvd's.

now, is there a freeware tool like anydvd?

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Well just to add to what I said, I create 'FLAC images' with the combination I mentioned above. A FLAC image is a single .flac file that contains all the tracks from the cd, and can also contain embedded cuesheet and tags. So this is the #1 audio backup solution imo because it is very organized and will also enable you to burn back the exact original cd with the cuesheet. Other people might prefer to rip each track to its own file and still keep the cuesheet.

As for playback I know Foobar can play files with embedded cues and breaks it up into individual tracks in the playlist. I am using XMPlay though which will show it as a single long track in the playlist but you can right-click on next button and it will jump to the next "subsong" and show it in the title.

BTW the next release of FLAC coming out very soon will also support embedded jpgs. So I envision its possible that the cover art could be displayed as a thumbnail in explorer. :)

As for a free alternative to AnyDVD you can try DVD43


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DigeratiPrime: yeah, i think i'll try AutoFLAC - it sounds like quality. just to ask, those .flac images, are they suppoerted by burning programs?

as of dvd43, yes, i tried it and i couldn't see the content of my original dvd at all. but i downloaded AIO_DVDBACKUP_PACKV1.2_ADDON.CAB (DVDDecrypter_3.5.4.0.exe, dvdshrink32.exe, FixVTS.exe, RipIt4Me.exe) and will try it, but, as i said, i don't like it from the start beacause its 3-4 programs instead of possibly one.

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You could try a different approach. You could use Alcohol 52/120 and rip them as a disc image (iso or mds) and that would make a perfect 1:1 copy. Then to use them, you would make a virtual drive under Alcohol or Daemon Tools and mount the image. DVD Decrypter will make a decrypted copy of the DVD files on your hard drive.

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