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Ok i wasn't even really thinking about the serialization aspect. I was only htinking about hte headers themeselves. I did not guess correctly though as I thought it was for just making microsoft based cd's and did not think it was for internal use only.

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Spheris, can you give me the exact command line syntax for Windows XP which will keep filename uppercasing/lowercasing as it is?

No offence, but I don't really understand some of your replies, some of us are not full-blown techies. :)

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I was using WinIso , but it has some limitations : sometime gives me errors when I use "Save as" and has serios limitation concerning LFN (MS manifests etc..)

Now I use CdImage that have a very nice GUI (I hate command line) and UltraIso.



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CDIMAGE 2.47 CD-ROM Premastering Utility

Copyright © Microsoft, 1993-2000.  All rights reserved.

For Microsoft internal use only.

Bloody showoff >: (

I use a combination of tools.

I have a builds folder, where I keep all my magical windows directories, and have a slightly modified version of BCD, along with some CMD files. I use winISO to check incase I messed something up, and I have Daemon tools to mount the image. I can then burn it with Nero as I see fit.

I also have a buildall CMD file that will generate all my CD Images for Windows 2000 and XP. It's ahabit I intend to cultivate, incase I ever become a network jocky (Or get a job :) )

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