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Sysinternals Win9x files will be removed


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Downloads: We will be migrating most Sysinternals tools to Microsoft.Com Downloads which has additional bandwidth for a better end-user experience. At Mark’s direction, we are not going to be migrating 100% of the tools for one of the following reasons:

1. It only worked on Win9x or DOS – the number of downloads didn’t justify the migration. These were eventually going to be removed from Sysinternals anyway.

2. Not compatible with XP or Vista – or had compatibility issues with other 3rd party applications and were slated for removal pre-acquisition.

If the less popular downloads will be staying at the sysinternals site, and just the more popular ones moved over to M$'s servers, then there really isn't any concern is there?

Otherwise, there might be some slight concerns, but from a simple Google search I did of the filenames, it appears the Internet has already mirrored quite well most of them. For example, do 'filemon.zip + "Index of"' and see how many results there are. That was just for one (admittedly large) search engine, and only for http sites. There's still ftp, usenet, p2p, etc. so I really don't see any concerns over availability.

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Yeah but nobody trusts Microsoft. :lol:

Already I have seen "Pro version" on their site so they are probably

going to gradually cripple the functionality of things like TCP View

and all the other great stuff and sell you, yep, SELL you a "Pro"

version which is really just what the original free SysInternals

one was. dry.gif

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Have you got any respect for this forum on which you so abundantly post ?

I remind you that two threads got recently closed by moderators because of you.

I don't get it. Why do you insist on sawing the branch on which you are ?

Do you want to be banned ?

I can't believe you care so much about licenses and pay so little attention to common sense. Would you stop eating and sleeping if you had accidentally accepted a specially crafted 30 kB long license (that nobody reads) forbiding you to do it?

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--if it's gonna become "Abandonware", and it's always been Freeware, then I wouldn't worry about the licensing crap...

(tho it would be nice to see what response -- if any -- was received by chozo4 regarding his email inquiry...)



EDIT: well, it's been quite a while, probably means no response... ?

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