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What's the best and free software for playing dvd's on my pc ?


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well i say i say

hes talking about movies dvds

so VLC ( videolan client)

and besides playing DVDS

its does MPEG/avi/xvid/divx/ and well almost any other dam video format under the sun

and SVCD/VCD as well

and did i say its F R E E ! ?


and i do use it when i watch dvds :)

it does support menus on dvds

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When all else fails, use VLC. I'll have to go back and have another look at some of the other programs listed but more often than not, vlc will play stuff that other programs fail on.


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Digerati said:

"BTW I am considering creating a guide/topic for "getting the most out of MPC" soon when I learn a little more about some of its advanced options. "

Looking forward to that!

I use both VLC & MPC

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