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"User Name" in task manager is blank, empty :| Why ?


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Hi !

Can someone help me to make re-appear my Username and "SYSTEM" and other users in my Task Manager under Windows XP Professiona ??

I don t know why but now is all empty..

look at this... :(


Please help...


EDIT: this copy is nlited with the latest nlite version (RC2) ..

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oh.. ok...

so i will open a post in nlite section :)

btw if you have some ideas please tell me !!

Unfortunatelly don't have any ideas matey. The thing is that I also had problems with NLite instalation and deicided to install full instalation and have no problems..

NLite is a good app, but you have to know what are you doin'..

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This also occurs when the Workstation service is not running.

I'm fine with that, since I don't need Workstation service to run anyway and it's a single-user machine (me).

...and I think Terminal Services is disabled on mine too (can't check, on 98SE right now).

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You remove very little of "serious" stuff so reinstalling won't help, check your tweaks or something, maybe search the net for the solution directly related to windows.

Thank you very much Nuhi...

so do you think that it can be related to some REG tweaks ? Maybe i can try without any REG tweak...

Btw this appens only with new nlite RC2 ... :}

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MasterJukey please report back what you find on this. I am curious as to what it is. I am also researching this same problem with Nlite RC 1.2. Last version of nlite did not do this with the same files used except newest Ryan update pack.

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