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nlite 1.2 RC - Error


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Hi there.

I was about to use nlite when was confronted with strange problem that I was not able to get over:


Can anyone help me solve this issue?

I googled, but was not able to find a solution.

Thank you,

Kind regards,

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Thanks dirtwarrior.

Thanks nuhi.

paraver, when you copy the Windows CD then copy the root files too. WIN51IP is the missing file in your case.

But where I find it, the root files? In Win cd? In Win folder?


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by root files we mean the files at the root of the cd, to put it simply you should copy the whole cd not only the i386 folder or not only the folders but all of the files.

Well, when I am asked by nlite to indicate where is the winXP cd, the program choose the whole CD. I do not choose a specific folder...

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There are two:



Must I copy the cd to the hard disk, or is enough to point the cd path as the source of nlite?

Thank you,

paraver, and is the file WIN51IP on original cd and in the copied folder ?
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