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Flashget 1.73 Crapless Installer


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1.How can i add Thai language to your package ?

2.How can i set skin to <none> ?

3.Where is the config file for flashget ?


Make a winrar package that extracts thai lang life to flash directory. And also save your flashget settings from regedit. And make a sfx.

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Hi again,

Great last release, but could it be redone with default themes and settings. To delete small theme files it's easy after install if You need it, to ADD themes back is a bit more complicated.

So could You pls?


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i love this release....

it should be good if u release it in default setting.

Some people still using 56k and can't do another thing with your tweaked download option.


i believe it is default setting....

Pls. try to config max. simultaneous jobs,it must enter only 60-300 jobs,Just imagine 60 jobs downloading on 56k line...

Now my solution is install normal flashget package and export default jetcar registry,use that .reg after install crapless package.it's work great...

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