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nLite 1.2 RC - Return of the warrior II


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Visual effects disabling had no effect on my latest nLite iso of RC 1.2.

Still having trouble with WLAN... the WLAN program installs fine now, but it won't run. No error whatsoever, just nothing happens when I start it. ****, wish I still had wired LAN lol

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Nice release,but will there ever be a way to integrate our own registry keys/entries?

And I still don't know how to add 2 DLL files in the system32 directory,so the driver that needs them won't show an error message after the desktop appears for the first time (aside from using a bulky addon pack or doing it manually after installation with another reboot)

Putting those 2 files manually before creating the ISO doesn't seem to work,even if I compress the DLLs to .dl_ files.

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Hi nuhi,

Tankyou for working so hard on nLite! :thumbup

I did test the last beta and the laters RC. In both i got the same problem wen making the iso file.

When i hit "Make Iso" it only makes a iso file of my $OEM$ folder. That never happend to me with any older versions of you're great program.

My folders are like this:




I add my last session a** attachment. Maybe its helps to find the problem.



Same thing happened to me. See my earlier post on page 1.

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I can't boot from CD :( , my computer restarts after pressing "any key". My configuration (in polish):

It's called setting your CD-ROM before the harddrive in the Boot priority in your BIOS.

If he is booting from hard drive first, how is the "any key" message being displayed as its a function of bootfix.bin on the cd?

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@ nuhi

Is there a way not to edit SYSSETUP.DLL by nLite?

Whenever that file is edited/hacked, the Add New H/W Wizard pops up to install Floppy Disk Drive; after the first logon.

Also, will you please make nLite compress WINNTBBU.DLL as well?


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Components-Compatibility: IIS grayed out.

Under Network you can remove IIS (Couldn't remove it most of the time under 1.1).

If you want to keep DHCP functionality you shouldn't remove Peer to Peer (under Network).


Options General:

Clear MUI should be standard enabled

Keep Windows Media Player is standard enabled and grayed out


Options Patches:

If you remove the components in two or more sessions,

SFC changes from enabled to disabled and is grayed out.


Tweaks Explorer:

Show Drive Letters in Front doesn't work


After completing Nlite the directory i186 has a file xpsp1res.dl_

As i've used Nlite with SP2 on WindowsXP SP1 this could be a leftover from SP1.

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used this for some installs of XP on my test partition.

requested feeatures.

for the unattended I would like to remove the fancy welcome wizard on first bootup, this I removed on my own custom cd although I forgot how.

add registered name and location to nlite so doesnt ask for it during gui setup on hidden.

ability to add files and folders to cd layout.

make it so the original xp file location remains unmodified since 2nd time I ran nlite the startup size is after nlite removed data.

ability to specify IE temp folder size to exact figure

ability to specify exact connections amount in IE rather then just 10 or normal.

ability to default quick launch to on


the visual style tweaks all dont get set like animated menus etc.

theme defaults to classic no matter what I choose.

lan workgroup doesnt get set

when qos disabled in nlite remains enabled by default

(just noticed) in regional my location stayed as usa didnt set to uk.

whats defenitly cool

me able to integrate my sata 2 drivers, the above guy said this is buggy I cant confirm this yet since I see the drive in setup but havent been installing to it yet.

been able to add multiple accounts by default

able to physically remove services components etc. my image down to approx half size

disabling the file protection

how do I verify its disabled?


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