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So what to do if and when 98SE is no longer viable?


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Gosh, reading stuff like that makes me want to wipe out my XP and Vista partitions and let 98SE reign over my computer! I haven't done that in a long time.

98SE appears to run great on this (the Epox) board. A few quirks with IRQ sharing reporting problems but but all the hardware working anyway. Dare I take the plunge?

Oh! What would I do with 4700GB DVD iso's? Split 'em up when making them? Hmmm. I wonder if IMGTOOL Classic would do that? I've been taking the DVDShrink files and making the iso with IMGTOOL Classic, then burning with IMGBURN.

DeepBurner Pro claims to be able to handle DVD Video so I suppose I could do what I used to do with Nero and try burning the DVDShrink created Video_ts folder directly. Since it was a new addition to DeepBurner Pro I haven't trusted it yet, preferring to make the ISO myself. Works great with Vista and NTFS, but I'm wondering if splitting the ISO in 2 parts would effect the resulting DVD?

Anyone here who can tell me whether this works okay?

I'd also love for someone to get the new QuickTime formats to work on 98SE. It looks like Apple isn't going to bother doing it. It probably wouldn't be hard for them to do it, with all their resources. But then Apple even abandone's its own older software (and hardware) all the time.

Hundred's of dollars for Vista Ultimate is really looking like something I don't want to do. I've been running the beta's and they sure look pretty. However, geez, you know when running software it all seems the same on any version of the operating system's. And nearly everything is still zippier and more compatible on good old 98SE. My browser's browse, Word writes document's, email gets sent and recieved, games play, video's and music sound and look alike, etc.

Hmmm, sounds like a racket to me! I can even install WindowBlinds and Object Bar and, Magic! Looks like XP, Vista, whatever I want! VirusScanner, Firewall, Spy Checker's, and security updates, along with intelligent browsing, and, Magic! Secure like XP, Vista!

Be the envy of the neighborhood! Be the only one running 98! Heh, heh. Sounds good, eh?

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About DVD back ups I'v been asking myself the same question today (funny he?) when poundering the purchase of a DVD writer.

maybe we could ask here:


A solution could looking for old or simple softwares designed when W98 was still not totaly in oblivion.

For quicktime, untill someone release an unofficial codex, it might be possible to convert it to avi eventhought you cannot play it.

I'm not sure but it's worth a try.

I'v got several video files that wouldn't play on my w98 PC but converted succesfuly with some free addware video convertor.

Thought I don't remember if it was new quicl time videos or something else.

Also check if Fast Stone Player don't play them...


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Hey, I just opened IMGTOOL Classic just to check out the options. One of the one's available is to split image into 1GB chunks (recommended for FAT32 partitions).

Now I'm wondering whether IMGBURN will take those and burn them into one iso on a DVD. I suppose it will as otherwise that wouldn't be in the IMGTOOL options to create them that way. I'll have to try this out on 98SE and see what happens.

Kind of chickening out though. I just finished setting up the 3 operating systems here. I'll probably just want to use the computer as is for a bit. I've got 60GB for 98SE, about 170GB for XP, and a seperate 120GB HD for Vista.

I just think about what I've got here, then consider all the work involved after wiping everything out. Err, I think I'll rest from computer building for a bit!

Still, 98SE ROCKS! (Just don't want to work too hard at the moment.)

I've been doing some DVD's in Vista. Maybe I'll just go into 98SE and try it out there. Let's see if it survives the long high-quality encoding in DVDShrink without freezing. Vista did it. My older Asus A7V880 had a problem with that while on XP. Maybe it's just the motherboard. This Epox seems more stable using the same processor type and memory. We're talking about an hour and a half of 100% processor usage. Wish I could put an air conditioner in the pc!

For the QuickTime stuff I'm just talking about going to a website and playing the newer video's automatically. Nowaday's we need the QuickTime 7.1 codecs (whether in the commercial player or QuickTime Alternative) to play them. Most just play the audio only with QuickTime 6.5.2 installed.

I'm not a big QuickTime video player, but it's just one of the annoyances of stuff that won't work on 9x anymore.

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