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Good+Small Portal/Intranet Applications


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I was wondering what options are recommended for a portal/intranet type of application. I'm just interested in publishing/sharing documents, calendar options (to see people's schedules and booking of the meeting rooms), and simple announcements that can automate email announcements.

Thanks for any help

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Chances are, people will recommend all kinds of things, to high end corporate solutions (like sharepoint and such) all the way down to ghetto scripts.

The thing is, there are countless ways to do this, and not everybody wants the same thing.

What most companies do for calendar sharing and room booking is use exchange/outlook (no idea if you guys use those apps at all).

As for "public" shared calendars (events), I had made a web app using ASP.Net (on our intranet). There are tons of ways to do this again... You can make your web server send SMTP mail too (could easily have been added to our app)

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