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[Release] Foxit Reader v3.0 Build 1301


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Note: Silent/Unattended installer will extract program executable [Foxit Reader.exe] to [Program Files\Foxit Reader] folder, create shortcuts in Start\Programs and on Desktop and will register it as the default handler for PDF files

that's great, does it have any ads visible in the program?

can you also add these addons to the pack, it would be very great and make foxit really complete

JavaScript Support GDI+ Module Eastern Asian Language Support JPEG2000/JBIG Decoder


thanks !

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that would be illegal actually as it would turn your free program into the Pro i.e., paid version and would require not registry editing but hex editing the main program executable ;)

Edited by johndoe74
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what addons are missing ? i didn't see anything missing except languages

as for the adverts, just open the .inf file in the cab and see what registry keys he added to it

same goes with the toolbars, export the keys from the registry after you have configured foxit to your liking and add them to the .inf file

i think johndoe had enough work; some things we can do for ourselves

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