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Windows 2000 Server


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Under windows 2000 server when I open control panel all its items go to left hand side in vertical position. And then I am unable to open property page of any item until I re-start the server. This situation comes every after 3 to 4 days. I think some dll is accidently removed during a software uninstall.

Any advise.

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If it was a dll that was removed you would have problems with it every time you used it.

It may be a problem related to some other issue, check when the problem became aparent and check if any applications have been installed just prior to when the problems began.

It also can be related to some malware that was accidently installed on your system so you might want to check with a standalone scanner like 'HijackThis' if you can see some wierd software listed.

Or it might be a virus, usualy this would not be a problem but in cases like this always assume the worst ;-) and double check the AV product you are running and if possible run a scan from another server on the system drive. This in case the AV application on the system itself is damaged by the malware/virus.

And lastly check if there is any logging related to your problem or recuring errors that look like they might have an effect like this. May be far fetched but you never know.

Hope it helps,

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