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USSF Improvements


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Here's the main idea: in the next version of WPI you will be able to run ussf with a simple mouse click for any program (you'll have a button for that near the browse button for cmd1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

But that's a modified ussf, it passes the result to wpi and the text can be translated.

mritter had an idea about adding other installers detection and so I made it detect msis reader directly their header information.

So, if you want other installer types to be detected, post here the name and attach the program so I can test it and see if the header corresponds with what I have.

I was thinking about making my own version of ussf without using peid, but there are too many headers for the current installer types and I gave up.

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That is an absolutely good idea :thumbup

Sorry for not having a specific demand on some installer.

I just wanted to add that we could also very easily detect .reg (not only in regb & rega), .inf and .msi files and run the correct program to install them, without asking the user to input the complicated commands for those types of files.

I'm already using such simplification in my Progs List Manager and it's working very well. I'm pretty sure we could adapt it to WPI.

For example, instead of having to type these long commands as it is now:

cmd1[pn]=['REGEDIT /S Shareaza\\ShareazaSettings.reg'];
cmd2[pn]=['rundll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 128 SystemTools\\CBin\\CBin.inf'];
cmd3[pn]=['MSIexec /i Useless\\application.msi'];

We could just have:


And WPI would know how to deal with those files (after checking that they do exist).

Now, pushing the idea further and joining with sadicq on the embedded use of USSF, we could just -for the recognized installers- ask WPI to add the correct silent switches on the fly at install time.

For example, instead of having:

cmd1[pn]=['Runtimes\\jre-1_5_0_06-windows-i586-p.exe /s /v/qn'];

We could have


Meaning that, if possible, we want WPI to find the silent switch by itself (and of course not run the installer if it can't find it).

Without the ussf1 line, WPI would just run the command anyway.

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inf and reg files are indeed something I did not think about.

However, I'm planning a big update for the ussf (so far I adapted the code from the original ussf and added just one more string that I took from CMenu): I took a look at uniextract's source code and it seems to be very useful. It detects more headers and it gives detailed information.

I'll let you know more next week.

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@sadicq: I like the idea, but it is a daunting task. I think if this is integrated into WPI we we need to make sure that users know that it will not work for every installer. I kind of like it the way it is now as an external tool, because in my opinion it something you need to do before configuring WPI.

In any case, an updated and better ussf is always good for everyone. Looking foward to trying it out. Keep up the good work. :D

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just grab the ussf.exe in the tools folder in the wpi downloaded archive.

The whole archive is not much bigger than ussf itslef, so I think it deserves to be downloaded.

I'll consider releasing ussf alone, but I'd like to have ZoSTer's permission.

He had the initial idea, so I want to give him the deserved credit.

After all, I just improved it a little and added some more code lines (most of them for the GUI and WPI specific).

All in all, the ussf shipped with wpi works very well alone.

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ermm well there are a few lines i dont need. i want to integrate the ussf in my windows to check for switches. (right click on exe files and select "Check for Switch"). the GUI lines for WPI are unneeded for that purpose.

the WPI version is for WPI installation and now i'm looking for a "standard" version of your great tool. you know what i mean?

ps: daca vrei poti sa scri si in limba noastra. nu pot prea bine ca am uitat mult sa scriu. am avut numai 4 ani de scoala in rominia. :)

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Actually I prefer writting in English even I'm not that good at it.

I dislike to see a thread where people speak in a language I don't understand because I know that the information provided there might be useful for me too.

I'll make a lite version of ussf about next week. I hope that's fine with you guys. :)

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I want to translate USSF into more languages.

But for doing this, I'll need your help. So, if you want to see USSF in your own language, PM me or mail me or post in this thread.

I would have gone for posting the strings in this thread, but since USSF in still in development stage, they are highly possible to change, so I would have had to ask you for renewing the translations a couple of times.

So far, I have only the English language (made by me, lol, so the strings may have some nasty errors ... ).

Note that the language will be built in. There are 2 reasons for that: I want to keep it simple and Autoit does not permit me to read a bidimensional matrix directly from a file. I know I can do it, but I simply don't want to make external language files.

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