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Nlite issue with 1 of 2 computers


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I recently installed windows XP on my new desktop with the following parts:

MSI 945 Express board (945 chipset)

Ati AIW x1900 256mb

1gb 667mhz ram

500 watt power

a few to many fans

1. The issue I am having is the load time on the login ui is super long. I am waiting like 60-90 seconds for the icons to appear once logonui is loaded. Why is this happening? Anyone else had this? What can I do to fix it?

2. My USB wifi card will not work with Windows XP. Its a G card in USB format and works on my laptop with the same install. What happens is the zero wireless config tool used to connect to wifi signals will not pick up a connection. I figured that card was not installed but thats not it, its all setup. I downloaded a different connection manager and it worked great. So why not with Windows zero config?

I really would like some thoughts on these too issues with nlite. Thanks for your help..

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I recall when i was using nForce2 based motherboard if I logged on immeadiately after logon window appeared (using XP this is) I would get a long delay before startmenu was accessible, taskbar icons appeared, programs could be opened.

When I went into task manager it just had a system idle process going using 99% CPU. I recon it might have been to do with the integrated LAN controller? What exactly I havent a clue, whether is was drivers loading or something else i dont know.

With this problem, leaving the system idle perhaps 30 seconds after the logon screen appeared and then logging on resulted in an immediate load up.

Perhaps you are also having a raft of startup tasks causing problems? Best to check out what you have installed that pops up in the start menu>all progs>start up folder or on the taskbar. System utilities are common cultprits for slow loadups and reliability problems (e.g. if i use speedstep on my pentium m based pc it can crash it)

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Thinking about the WiFi:

Check that the drivers are XPSP2 compatible. I know my 2 yr old laptop came with XPSP1a and appropriate drivers which didnt work properly when it came to installing XPSP2. Also the included management software seemed to dislike the Wireless Zero Configuration service. New drivers and management sw have pretty well solved this and now wireless runs happy managed with WZC service.

Also the drivers installed a range of protocols on my wireless connection which were unecesssary. I uninstalled all those which i didnt need which has also improved reliability. All you need is the same protocols as you use on wired - only TCP/IP in my case.

If its being difficult try inputting the settings manually into WZC and see if it can connect that way (you will need to disable/enable wireless after setting options). I did this in "view wireless networks">"change order of prefered networks" (you can add, modify and remove pre-set or saved settings).

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I'll add my last session.ini after labor day. Thanks for all your help. I know for a fact I dont remove anything for wireless zero config. MY other computer uses this and this is the same install just different PC. These 2 problems only occur on 1 of the 2 computers. The other one is fine thats whats strange.

I was playing around with the computer again with wifi what I found was very interesting. I do get the wireless zero config icon to appear and say i'm connected when i use this new app. However when I right click on that icon and say browse for wifi it will not find any. I dont get the error WZC service not started. I believe I checked that it was started also. I'll have to make sure on that. However I dont think its not started.

This is most likely a nlite issue something with my new pc. I'll post my last session and see if that helps.

Any other ideas?

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Extremely long logons (in modern computers) are usually caused by lack of chipset drivers. This is especially true for nForce2 chipsets, those just take FOREVER to logon until you install the newest chipset drivers (some bug in the drivers that shipped with windowsXP).

Go to www.nvidia.com and get the latest chipset driver pack, install, and tell us how long it takes to boot then...

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I think I know why the login issue is occuring. I have all the drivers installed but I used my old nlite disc with different integrated drivers. I need to update the disk for this computer anyway. I bet once i update the disc and reinstall this issue will go away. I believe the old drivers that are also intel are causing issues being left behind. Thanks for all your help! I have a few things to work on now that some of you have confirmed what I was thinking. If this is not fixed I'll repost this problem again.

For those that wanted to know the wifi program I am using to connect to wifi. It is called wifi hopper. This is a great program. The strange thing about windows with wifi hopper is that sometimes the connected icon never shows.

If anyone has any ideas about the wifi issue please post this is still a mystrey to me and does not seem to have a source like the login problem does.

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Wow, thank you for the WifiHopper tip! I have been searching for a lightweight Windows WIFI client for a while now, and this one fits the bill nicely. Moreover, it does not appear to require WZC nor EventLog services to be running/installed - allowing me to strip away two more things from my nLite'd XP installation!




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Yeah Glad you like wifi hopper. It does not need any of the services and surprisingly that was the first one i found and tried. I got lucky because it just makes the connection on this pc with nothing to depend on.

I attached my last session.ini for anyone to review. As you will notice I do not remove anything for wifi to stop working. This same install works on other pc's great, so i know it is something else. Perhaps the total rebuid of this cd will fix it.

Either way I would like to get some more feedback after people see the last session and tell me what they think about it.



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