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Advantages and disadvantages of 98SE an WinME ?


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First of all my English isn't good so sorry for that !

I have a Win98SE and a WinME CD all Peaple say that WinME is to bugy, but i personaly prefer ME but waht do you all say ?

What is better 98SE with the SP and the 98----to Me patch, or the Me an the SP ? Is there any diffrence ?

And is it true that the System Backup Feature of Me makes it so bugy ?

I was thinking to make a Micro install of 98SE or ME with the prog. 98lite would you recommend me to do this? And what patches shell i intall in this case, or install all Patches and do after that the Micro install ?

And on more question about the kernl update i don't know if i understand it right can i run XP apps under me 98 when i have installed this update ?

if not what for is it ?

And the Service Pack is a Collection of Windows Updates ? Do i need it also when i have downloaded all updates and Patches ?

I know much questions i hope somone will answer them

thanks @all

the best Forum i found on net

P.s if there is somebody who speaks German and can answer my questions please post !

so thats it


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Yes, ME kernel is buggy. The driver subsystem is a bad attempt at merging 9x and NT together. I think there are also some memory and resource leaks as well. It is also difficult to boot to pure DOS.

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you can always install Win98SE with all updates & patches then tryout 98SE2ME

for speed and stability.Then the Kernel Update Project.


All of the programs are undergoing testing so its not 100% for sure

if its gonna cause problems or not.Also these guys here has put together

more tweaks and stability than M$ itself.You have more to gain and very lil

to lose

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I hate Windows ME with a passion. If you don't upgrade your Windows 98se with all the patches and tweaks, there may be a choice between the two, but if you intstall any of the upgrades you find on msfn.org, there is NO competition. There are many more people around the world using Windows 98 over Me.

For older computers with 128 mb of RAM or under, go with Win98. Anything better, go with Windows XP. In fact go with WinBorgXP - search emule for it.

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Thanks @all

But some answers are not answered yet like, Why shell I install the SP when I have all updates an Patches ?

Does it contains stuff that i don't get over the Winupdate Site or the MSFN are there some Modifikated files ?

And when i Intall 98 or Me with all Patches and updates and SP ?

Witch one is better the answer that the most peaple all over the world (had have) used 98 istead Me isn't the right answer i would like to know why ME or 98 is better the the other + and - !?

for example

Me has a better interface 98 dont't

..... ...........


and @ the end reach a conclusion

Something like this i hope i have cleared my questions that i had posted up yet thanks a lot !

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It would be wise if you use Windows 2000 if you have an older computer. If you have a faster one use XP. 98/ME is old and outdated, and Microsoft doesn't even support it anymore.

I think he likes to use his intelligence and is waying up the balance between me and 98 with support from professional people who are breaking barriers such as the 137gb barrier prolifically.

And who are not so daft whereby they post about other os`s in the wrong forum

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  • 4 months later...

Keep in mind I'm NOT a true expert on this matter, but still, this is my PERSONAL experience:

Windows ME;


Fresher look, more feautures installed from the beginning, last of the 9X family, system restore included, picture viewer included. etc. More "complete" OS from the install.


System restore, (Yes, some consider it to be a disadvantage as it restores any virus you may have had at the restore point. Quick workaround; shut off automatic system restore, and make restore points yourself after a virus scan when you KNOW your system is good :-))

Other disadvantages; More buggy... well it might be, but not to my experience as I have used it. No REAL msdos. Less freedom overall for the tweaker and power user.

Win 98


BIG software library, and more compatible hardware, although most that works on 98, also works on ME if you only use the 98 drivers. Full freedom, tweak your OS in many ways. Get into all the small files, find out how things work, and delete anything. Gives you full control. Big knowledgebase. Stable in it's 98SE pathced up form. Most any old equipment can use it.


Needs alot of this and that of small extra programs installed after the OS installation to work like most people would like it to. Ok the first time you install, but gets annoying if you need to reinstall later. Crappy look, although some prefers this.

Conclusion; In my personal opinion, win 98se would be best suited for those who tweak alot, wants or needs the freedom it has, and those who are power users.

ME on the other hand seems more suited for those who want less hassle, just want the equipment to run ( after a few initial tweaks) and couldn't care less about DOS and system.ini files. It also gives you a fresher apperance without the need to extra installs, and some user friendly additions. I'd reccomend it for anyone not wanting or needing to spend alot of time on windows and the OS itself, but merely the use of the occational PC home tasks.

I'm sure others can chime in. This is my personal experience anyway, although I have used NT, win 2000 and XP alot more than any of the 9X family though.

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As I understand it, win982ME uses the system files from ME... How does that make it any more stable than ME itself? Just a question...

How much do 982ME cost, or is it shareware? How about rplite6, what do it cost?

To some extent, the whole issue of using win982me is just what I meant it being more4 of a hassle. But I guess it may work good. I might give that a try if my ME setup don't work as expected. I don't currently have a licence for 98SE myself though, only 98FE.

ANyone want to sell a 98SE licence cheaply?

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As I understand it, win982ME uses the system files from ME... How does that make it any more stable than ME itself? Just a question...

Win982ME only transplants the files that got improved instead of made more buggy.

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I have used Windows 98, ME, and 2000 Professional.

2000Pro is used by many large organizations, including critical infrastructure, so it must be a good operating system for those that know how to use AND ADMINISTER it well, on an appropriately powerful modern machine. It is set up for large networks of computers, which is typical of the corporate and business environment. It is not optimized for the single-user personal computer, whereas Windows 98 is. The trouble with most powerful systems is electricity use and heat buildup is too high. The heat requires loud cooling fans and high utility bills, esp. in summer A/C (when you pay twice, once to generate the heat and again to A/C it out.). I have a special desire for my computer to be QUIET. Windows 2000 has many background processes, and too little user control. It won't even allow deletion of leftover registry entries from uninstalled software. "zip" programs won't back it up, the usual "in use" problem occurs, which does not in Win98 (unless Symantec or possibly some other software is installed.) Win98 can be transferred directly from one HD to another, if a registry editor program is used to fix the DOS misenumeration problems that occur. Try this with Win2000, good luck! On my modest 1GHz machine, Win2000 takes over a minute to open Outlook, and that is with an install with the user name as "ADMINISTRATOR".

I found WinME to be buggy, with frequent soft crashes (by soft I mean rebooting clears the problem, though unsaved data is lost.) There are too many unstoppable background processes, and retains most of the disadvantages of Win98.

What I like about Win98 is that it can be configured to have the fewest number of background processes. I use MSConfig aggressively to use as few startups as possible. Task scheduler is disabled. I even invoke "stimon", the prerequisite for the imaging hardware, only when I need it. Too many crashes are caused by a background process hitting when the computer is already busy.

The biggest disadvantage of Win98 to me is that heavy use of Explorer to reorganize folders and do copy and delete operations soon dramatically slows down the OS. Win2000 doesn't have this problem. (Why is this and is there a fix for it?) Ironically, Win98 is better for intermediate level 'power' users, especially those who 'grew up' on DOS in the 1980s. I would probably recommend a newbie to get a new computer with XP Home, at least there is support for problems.

In Win98, there is a file in Windows\Internet Logs\ called "tvdebug.log". Win98 won't even allow it to be deleted. The filename doesn't appear anywhere in the Registry, at least not as text. Some background process is maintaining this logfile. Is there a way to disable this in Win98? (I don't have WinTV installed, either the Win98 option, nor a TV card driver.) The fewer unnecessary background processes running, the faster and more reliable it will be.

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