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Link :- AssetsSoSimple

I am trying to get this most comprehensive asset management software working with phpdev 423 (link at bottom), but am only getting a blank page, my config page is at the bottom. If anyone could help with my problem I would be grateful. I managed to get the simple assets working but am stuck with this one.

Thank you


phpdev 423 :- http://www.firepages.com.au/

Config file:-

$org_name = "God"; // your organization name

$ip = "localhost"; // mysql server name

$sql_db = "assetssosimple"; // enter a db name (if left blank, is autogenerated based on URL)

$sql_login = "XXX"; // mysql login

$sql_pass = "XXX"; // mysql password

$emp_db = ""; // do not change, should be blank

$demo_mode = false;

$use_access_level = false;

$use_ip_details = true;

$use_asset_categories = false; // asset categories are not needed, please see Assetcategories table example

$use_asset_barcode = true; // GD support for PHP must be enabled. Use this if you need to generate barcode images. Please see license.txt in barcode folder

$contact_name = "Matt";

$contact_email = "XXX";;

$DIR_ROOT = "/phpdev/www/assets"; // from Bradabra, this is root directory, relative to the root path of server (PLEASE do not include last slash)

$App_url = "http://localhost"; // Can be http or https !

$pdflogo = 'images/logo.jpg'; // for pdf

$currency = "£"; // this is still in use for rfqs and pdf, since i18n package needs to be changed for left and right currency position

$tax = 0.175; // used for rfqs and pdf

$language = ""; //default language, setting this to "en" overrules all other language settings and uses english

$max_hours = 24; // default settings for timesheets, dbabic, 02/02/2005

$asset_image_folder = 'images/imgs';

$asset_image_size = 256000; // maximum image & pdf size for assets, dbabic, 17/11/2005

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