Auto-Patcher for Windows 98 SE (English) Hi there, those that are new to this project, please skip down to the What is Auto-Patcher for Windows 98se? section. Latest News: Aug 13, 2009: There is no zip file currently available of the program files. In order to 'get' at the files inside the installer, simply run the installer, choose a place to put the files and then start the 'installation'. Once all the files are copied over, copy the program files to another location, and then uninstall the program as normal. No registry entries are created apart from the uninstall keys (which are deleted after you uninstall. Please have a look at the shortcuts created for the program BEFORE uninstalling to find out which files start the program. Dec 17, 2008: The Upgrade to December 2008 is now available. You will need the December 2007 final files already installed. Downloads: Edited by MDGx: added mirrors: here + here. Latest Upgrade version: December 2007 Final to December 2008 UPGRADE: download link [old link = now invalid ;-(] Size: 45.36 MB MD5: 326313710CED36DEB721A72325E142BA Latest full version: December 2007 Final FULL: download link [old link = now invalid ;-(] Size: 286.46 MB MD5: 10107332C30837B2837BF90513A22CD0 Edited by MDGx: FYI: For those who would like to extract the files without installing, please use Innounp (free GPL). Auto-Patcher installer executables were compiled using Inno Setup (freeware). shameless plug: if you liked the program (or even if you disliked it) please give it a rating on Softpedia by going here: Note: if the SoftPedia site seems to be down, go to the site instead and vote for it there! What is Auto-Patcher for Windows 98se? Windows 98 Second Edition (SE) was released in 1999, and since then many component updates and critical security hotfixes have also been released. Also, in July of 2006 Microsoft stopped support for Windows 98, and vulnerabilities discovered since then have not been officially patched. So, whatever state your computer is currently in, you can use this program to do all the patching for you. Auto-Patcher includes every update that has been released by Microsoft and every unofficial update posted on the Microsoft Software Forum Network. This program will work on any existing Windows 98 SE (English) system and will still only install updates if your computer is missing them. If you want to know what Auto-Patcher thinks is missing, there is a report function available that will compile a list of all missing updates. Please note: this is an MS-DOS based program that uses batch file scripting to perform all the updates. Auto-Patcher features: * one-click to start the program, and one-button to fully auto-patch your system, or * updates and hotfixes are grouped into selectable modules with further options available within each. * only install updates you are missing (default setting) * report function: search for missing updates and send to text file for viewing. Also tells you what is already installed. * every Auto-Patcher process is logged with timestamps & hotfix version information. Verbose (or debug) mode also available that logs more. * option to force re-installation of updates already installed (NOT the default setting) * to fully patch a freshly installed Window 98 machine, many reboots are required. If the process is interrupted, recovery is available as a menu option Auto-Patcher contents: see link above